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Buying Old vs. Buying New

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Wouldn’t it be great not to have to factor in all those concerning variables of buying a used home? Well, here at Midwest Design Homes, we build both custom and new spec homes. Both of these options allow you to not even worry about any of those concering obstacles. Read below for some other reasons why building or buying new may be the better decision in today’s market.

1. Unwanted bills & surprises

  • As mentioned above, the housing market is at an all-time high for used homes. You are more than likely paying way over what the home is actually worth and don’t really know what kind of surprises that home may hold once moved in. Getting into a remodeling project can go beyond the cost you originally hoped for and surprising you with more things that need to be fixed or replaced. Building new or buying new would take the stress and worry off completely. Then you would be putting your hard-earned money into a home that will last for years and not give any unwanted surprises.

2. Focus on Energy

  • Our focus on energy program allows you to save money on energy costs, such as monthly electrical, space heating, and cooling savings. Not only that, but we also provide multiple inspections to ensure airtightness and leakage prevention.

3. Appliances

  • There will be no need to replace any appliances such as the furnace, A/C water heater, etc., in your home because we provide the most up-to-date home features in every home we build and all come with a full warranty.

4. Witness building process first hand

  • With Midwest Design Homes, we take you through the entire build process of your home from start to finish. Picking out exactly what you want from countertops to paint colors. As our client, you are front and center to all the steps of building your home.

5. Home Warranty

  • When buying a used home on the market, you don’t have the warranty to stand by your home to protect you when things go wrong. Midwest Design Homes has a 1-year warranty on the workmanship of the home and lifetime on the basement. As well as having extended warranties beyond one year on everything in your home.

We hope this blog post educated you on how buying new might be a better decision than buying used in today’s market. If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with us, click here for a free consultation!

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