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Midwest Design Homes | Showcase & Parade Homes

It’s that time of year again; the 2021 Showcase of Homes & Parade of Homes events are underway! To kick off these events, we wanted to feature some of our past Showcase & Parade homes. We hope you enjoy looking back at some of our homes to get in the spirit!

Hawthorne | Showcase

This home, which is our Hawthorne floorplan, was featured in the BCHBA Showcase. Not only is this home located in a great subdivision of the De Pere/ Lawrence area, but it is also in a neighborhood with Harry Potter street names! Our Hawthorne plan features an open-concept ranch. In the second photo, you can see some two-tone cabinets complimented by the unique backsplash.

Westbury | Parade

This home is located in the Combined Locks area. Our Westbury floor plan features an open concept two-story with cool-toned wood elements, enhancing the traditional style of the home.

Beechwood | Showcase

This Beechwood home is located in the Greenville area, displaying an open concept ranch. While having a neutral color palette and modern light fixtures, this home is a mixture of traditional & contemporary styles.

Westbury | Parade

Our Westbury home consists of a 1.5 story home and traditional themes. This home was a part of the Fox Valley Parade of homes. Throughout this home, you would find many wood elements to go along with the traditional style.

Custom Home | Showcase

Our final home is a Midwest Design Homes custom! We love entering our client’s custom homes into these events because, as a company, we can showcase our custom home-building skills! This beautiful custom home portrays both contemporary and traditional style with its mixture of color palette & wood accents.

We hope you enjoyed looking back at our past Showcase & Parade Homes! If you would like to see more of these, click here! We also hope to see you at this year’s BCHBA Showcase of Homes & the Fox Valley Parade of Homes. Midwest Design Homes will be featured in both events. See the links below for more information on both of these events.

BCHBA Showcase of Homes | Our Elm home will be featured.

Fox Valley Parade of Homes | Our Dalton home will be featured.

If you are interested in coming to either of these events & want a BOGO ticket, click here to contact us!