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September Floor Plan of the Month | The Elm

For the month of September we are spotlighting our Elm Floor Plan!

This floor plan features an open concept 1.5 story home. Offering 4 beds, 2.5 baths, and 3 car garage.

When entering the home through the foyer, you will be looking out to the open living, dining, and kitchen. A great thing about this open concept floor plan is that it allows a cohesive flow from one space to the next.

Another great feature of this floor plan is the beautiful fireplace in the living room. This allows for a statement piece in this space and provides some coziness for your home.

Here you will see the gorgeous kitchen, complete with a large island, high-end appliances, and tons of storage.

Located directly off the kitchen, we have the dining area. This allows for easy access into the kitchen when entertaining guests or getting dinner ready. Having those large windows brings gorgeous natural lighting into the dining and kitchen spaces.

Next, we have the master bedroom that provides lots of space and natural lighting through multiple windows. You can also see a small area in this master suite that can be used as a reading nook. Not only is there a gorgeous double sink master bath, but you will also enjoy a large walk-in closet.

If you are interested in this floor plan, want more information, or want to see the full floor plan, give us a call and schedule a free consultation! We would love to see you visit our in-house Design Center. Click here for contact info!

August Floor Plan of the Month | The Basswood

For the month of August, we are spotlighting our Basswood Floorplan!

This floorplan features an open-concept ranch. Featuring 4 beds, 3 baths, and 3 garages.

You will see gorgeous cathedral ceilings in the great room that heightens the rear-facing living area when entering the foyer. An open concept floor plan allows a cohesive flow from the living room, dining, and kitchen.

Moving onto the home kitchen, it offers a large island and walk-in pantry for ultimate storage.

The dining area is placed directly next to the kitchen for easy access when entertaining or family dinner. The sliding doors allow for beautiful natural lighting into the space.

This floorplan also features a split bedroom layout with a private suite for the master bedroom. This master suite includes large windows and double sink vanity.

The home also features a home office or bonus room for whatever you choose to use for the room.

If you are interested in this floor plan, want more information, or want to see the full floor plan, give us a call and schedule a free consultation! We would love to see you visit us at our in-house Design Center. Visit our contact section for contact info.

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The Daylily | A Popular MDH Floorplan

One of our most popular floorplans at the moment is our Daylily home. This 4 bedroom floor plan gives you the space you are looking for and still offered at a great price point. Our clients absolutely love this home, so we wanted to give the Daylily its own moment.

So dive into the details of the Daylily home with us.

With a popular open concept floor plan, the Daylily allows the home’s main rooms to be featured when you walk in the door. This allows for a cohesive flow from room to room within the main level. The kitchen offers a large island and pantry for adequate storage along with painted cabinets and granite on the countertops.

The main level also features a first floor master suite. The bedroom featuring gorgeous windows overlooking the backyard. In addition, the master bath includes a double sink and a walkin closet.

Moving onto the home’s second level, it features the rest of the bedrooms and a full bath. These 3 bedrooms are a great size with large closets.

The Daylily home also provides a lower level that is ready for finishing. So whether you want to buy or build a Daylily home, the choice to finish the lower level is up to you! With that in mind, if you would like to build a Daylily, there are some add ons you could incorporate into your own Daylily home. For example, if you are fond of fireplaces, here is one of our Daylily homes with a fireplace.

We hope you enjoyed diving into the details of our Daylily home and seeing all the great features it has to offer! If you want more information about building the Daylily or would want to see our other floor plans, don’t hesitate to contact us; click here. Our team at Midwest Design Homes would love to get in touch with you for a free consultation! If you would like to see our other blog posts, click here.

July Floor Plan of the Month | The Clover

For the month of July we are spotlighting our Clover Floor Plan!

This floor plan features an open concept ranch home. Featuring 3 beds, 2 baths and 3 car garage.

When entering the home through the foyer, you will be looking out to the open living, dining, and kitchen. Haveing an open concept floor plan allows each room to flow from one to the next.

Here you will see a gorgeous kitchen featuring a large island and multiple cabinets for storage. As well as a large pantry.

The dining room allows for easy access flowing into the kitchen. With large windows, this brings natural lighting into the dining and kitchen.

The master bedroom provides ultimate space, as well as natural lighting through daylight windows. Not only is there a gorgeous double sink master bath but, you will also enjoy a large walk-in closet.

If you are interested in this floor plan, want more information & want to see the full floor plan, give us a call and schedule a free consultation! We would love to see you visit us at our in-house Design Center. Visit our contact section for contact info.

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Buying Old vs. Buying New

cover photo for buying old vs. buying new blog post

Wouldn’t it be great not to have to factor in all those concerning variables of buying a used home? Well, here at Midwest Design Homes, we build both custom and new spec homes. Both of these options allow you to not even worry about any of those concering obstacles. Read below for some other reasons why building or buying new may be the better decision in today’s market.

1. Unwanted bills & surprises

  • As mentioned above, the housing market is at an all-time high for used homes. You are more than likely paying way over what the home is actually worth and don’t really know what kind of surprises that home may hold once moved in. Getting into a remodeling project can go beyond the cost you originally hoped for and surprising you with more things that need to be fixed or replaced. Building new or buying new would take the stress and worry off completely. Then you would be putting your hard-earned money into a home that will last for years and not give any unwanted surprises.

2. Focus on Energy

  • Our focus on energy program allows you to save money on energy costs, such as monthly electrical, space heating, and cooling savings. Not only that, but we also provide multiple inspections to ensure airtightness and leakage prevention.

3. Appliances

  • There will be no need to replace any appliances such as the furnace, A/C water heater, etc., in your home because we provide the most up-to-date home features in every home we build and all come with a full warranty.

4. Witness building process first hand

  • With Midwest Design Homes, we take you through the entire build process of your home from start to finish. Picking out exactly what you want from countertops to paint colors. As our client, you are front and center to all the steps of building your home.

5. Home Warranty

  • When buying a used home on the market, you don’t have the warranty to stand by your home to protect you when things go wrong. Midwest Design Homes has a 1-year warranty on the workmanship of the home and lifetime on the basement. As well as having extended warranties beyond one year on everything in your home.

We hope this blog post educated you on how buying new might be a better decision than buying used in today’s market. If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with us, click here for a free consultation!

Click here to be brought to our parent company, Jon Huss Custom Homes!

June Floor Plan of the Month | The Westbury

For the month of June, we are spotlighting our Westbury Floor plan!

This floor plan features a two story home. Featuring 4 beds, 3 baths and 3 garages.

The first floor of the home features the main spaces of the home. You will find a staircase leading to the upper level and a home office from the front door entrance.

From there, you will enter into the great room, which then flows into the dinette and kitchen featuring large windows to let in the natural light. The kitchen also includes a large island and pantry.

Onto the second floor of the home, this floor features the 3 bedrooms, including the master. The master features a large space with a master bathroom.

If you are interested in this floor plan, want more information & want to see the full floor plan, give us a call and schedule a free consultation! We would love to see you visit us at our in-house Design Center. Visit our contact section for contact info.

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Interior Design Trends | Summer 2021

1. Natural Wood Tones

MDH Home

If one trend were crowned to be the queen of 2021 interior design trends, this one would be it. Natural wood tones have not only been the trend for summer but all 2021. Rattan, cane, wicker can make any space feel summery and give off that bohemian feel. These specific wood hues add a light natural element, while more rich woods can attract a heavy or dark feeling, which is not the goal for summer. Summer is about feeling bright, airy, and all-natural!

2. Rattan Decor

Like I mentioned above, lighter wood tones are all the rage this summer, and so is any rattan decor, whether that is chairs, tables, ottomans, plant stands, anything! This specific furniture is usually associated with outdoor furniture, but since its outbreak at the beginning of 2021, it has expanded into interior furniture. 

3. Soothing Colors

After going through that horrible, dark, and dreary winter, we need something soothing. So why not bring that out in your color choice. This 2021 season, we see colors such as taupe, sage green, and dusty blues. Now we don’t need to do a remodel of the entire home to fit these soothing colors. It could be as simple as swapping some accessories, like your bed sheets, throw pillows or blankets. Also, these colors can be incorporated anywhere in your home — kitchen, bedroom, and even your office to create a soothing workspace! 

4. Less is More – Minimalism

MDH Home

This trend started its outbreak a couple of years ago and is still going strong into summer 2021! Even though it has been around for a while, the specifics of the trend have changed. At first, minimalism design featured strict clean lines and rhythmic structures. Now moving into 2021, this style has shifted to involving more natural sunlight, pops of color, and natural greenery. This interior style will allow you to enjoy that summer sun! 

5. Natural Elements

MDH Home

This interior design trend is timeless! The latest obsessions are being obsessed with plants. I’m talking about people buying hundreds of plants for their homes. But what a great trend to incorporate some life and nature for the inside of your home. Whether they are the real thing or not depends on your preference and budget. Either will work just fine to create that gorgeous boho summery decor that is so in for the summer of 2021. 

We hope you enjoyed these 2021 Summer interior design trends! If you do try any of these, we would love to see how you incorporated them into your home. Tag us on Facebook with #MDHsummertrends. If you would like to see some outdoor summer trends for your outdoor needs, click here for our blog post on Summer 2020 outdoor trends!

If you would like more inspiration for your home, check our parent company website.

May Floor Plan of The Month | The Day Lily

For the month of May, we are spotlighting our Day Lily Floor Plan!

This economic floor plan features an open concept two-story home. Featuring 4 beds, 3 baths, 3 garages, and 1,875 square feet.

The first floor of this home features a master bedroom, as well as a first floor laundry & half bath.
In addition, the first floor also features a spacious kitchen with an island and pantry looking out to an open dining & living room.
Moving on to the second floor of the home, this floor features the rest of the 3 bedrooms and a full bathroom.

If you are interested in this floor plan, want more information & want to see the full floor plan, give us a call and schedule a free consultation! We would love to see you come to visit us at our in-house Design Center. Visit our contact section for contact info.

Spring Cleaning | 5 Tips to declutter your home

Check out our tips on how to declutter your home for the Spring/Summer season! With that, we hope these tips make that daunting task a little more simple.

1. Rearrange Furniture

A simple and effective way to have your home feel decluttered is rearranging furniture or taking some furniture away. Not only is decluttering your home about getting rid of stuff you don’t need anymore, but it also allows you to rethink the interior design and layout. Being able to take out bulky items to allow the space to breathe and look fresh is a great way to declutter. Some items can be more useful in other rooms and serve a whole new purpose when put in a different room. 

2. 3-6 months rule

This rule is a good logical way to get rid of things you really haven’t used lately without feeling like you might use them in the future. So, if you haven’t used or even thought about a certain item within the last 3-6 months, or it has been stored away, then it is time to say goodbye. 

3. Obtain a process

Spring cleaning or decluttering in general can seem overwhelming, especially when you are working in many different rooms. Something that can help is to go room by room and have certain piles or categories to allocate to. For example, having a sell, donate or throw away pile, allows you to stay organized and be able to keep unwanted things where they belong. 

4. Organization is key

It is so much easier to stay organized when your space is already organized. While also decluttering a room, it might be a good idea to start thinking up some ways to keep it clean/organized. For example, storage baskets or bins are a great way to keep any space organized. Using storage baskets for a closet or even your pantry allows you to always know what is in there and will ultimately make the next spring-cleaning mission much easier. 

5. Get started!

One of the hardest things about decluttering or spring cleaning is trying to start the daunting task. Which room should I start in? how long is it going to take? how can I organize my overfilling closet? Take a deep breath and realize, no one said you had to do it all in one weekend. Break it up into chunks and it’ll make the task so much easier to accomplish. 

If you enjoyed these tips and are looking for more information about home-related topics, click here for all of our blog posts! We would also be more than happy to speak with you about your dream home, contact us today if you are wanting to make those dreams come true!

Happy Earth Day |

Earth day is a special day when businesses and individuals come together to appreciate the ground we live, work and play on.  Here at Midwest Design Homes, we do the most we can to build our homes by always being environmentally conscious. To do just that Midwest Design Homes is part of the Focus on Energy Certification Program!

Here are some of the ways we implement sustainable practices into our homes:

  • Reduce energy waste | For example, the 827 million kilowatt-hours and 26 million therms saved by Focus on Energy in 2018 could power more than 86,000 homes for one year. That’s a lot of homes!
  • Using less natural resources | When eliminating energy waste prevents the need to purchase coal and natural gas.
  • Energy efficiency | Monthly electrical, space heating, and cooling savings. We provide multiple inspections to ensure airtightness & leakage prevention.

We hope making these changes to the way we build our homes helps sustain our earth. Midwest Design Homes will always be looking to be sustainably conscious, HAPPY EARTH DAY!

April Floor Plan of The Month | The Hawthorne

For the month of April, we are spotlighting our Hawthorne Floor Plan!

This floor plan features a gorgeous open concept ranch. When you walk into the front door, past the office, you will be taken back by the elegance of this home.

The cathedral ceiling in the living room paired with a triple-wide patio door off the dining room, really makes this home bright & inviting.

A chef’s kitchen with an oversized island and a large walk-in pantry complete the heart of the home.

The master suite is separated from the main living space by a spacious mudroom, laundry, bench, and closet. This split bedroom provides you with your own master retreat!

If you are interested in this floor plan, want more information & want to see the full floor plan, give us a call and schedule a free consultation! We would love to see you come to visit us at our in-house Design Center. Visit our contact section for contact info.

Tips to get your Home Ready for Spring | Inside & Out

The Spring season is the perfect time to change up your home or get it all cleaned for the new season. Here are some great tips for inside and outside your home!

Let in the Air & Natural Light 

Winter and fall are the cozy, get bundled up next to the fire with a nice cup of coffee season but the Spring season is fresh and light. When Spring hits we want to open those windows, breathe some fresh air and bring in that natural light. To achieve that beautiful natural light & fresh air, the windows need to be cleaned and having screens installed will allow for opened windows on those first warm Spring days! 

Add White & Cream 

Not only are white and cream bright and refreshing, but they also go with everything. So, if you’re not wanting to totally change your interior style, just adding some white pillows or a cream throw blanket to make the room feel light & airy will work just fine.

Here are some other ideas | 

  • Sheer white curtains for your windows. 
  • Cream colored pitchers on your dining table that can be filled with flowers to add a pop of color. 
  • A light colored or white rug. 

Rearrange Your Furniture 

Another great way to save money but also makes your home feel like new is switching around the furniture. This is a great way to get your home ready for Spring by not only creating a new space for yourself but doesn’t break the bank. Some ideas could be orienting your view to look out a window, even removing some furniture might make it feel less cluttered. 

Floral Touches 

Adding floral elements to your home allows you to have pops of color here and there around the house without it being too overwhelming.

Here are some ideas | 

  • A floral throw blanket either draped over your bed or on your living room couch. 
  • Floral botanicals framed that you could hang anywhere in your home. 
  • Faux flowers or wreaths. 

Get Something Growing 

Spring is categorized as a new season, a season of rebirth and growth. And what better way to symbolize that then put some beautiful growing plants in your home. This is a great way to fill that garden void when it is still a little too cold to plant outside. 

Here are some ideas | 

  • Getting a house plant (make sure it is by a window)
  • A succulent plant (one of the easiest plants to upkeep, needs a lot of sun) 
  • Buy some herb plants to keep in the kitchen by the sunny windowsill. 

Clean Your Gutters 

Something that isn’t so fun to do to get ready for the new season… cleaning out the gutters. Grab some gloves and a ladder and remove all the debris, leaves and gunk that you’re able to get out. 

Replace Filters 

Did you know that filters such as your water, range hood and air vent filters should be changed every 3-6 months? So, what perfect time to replace them during your Spring cleaning. 

Clean Dryer Vent 

A clogged dryer vent can be a fire hazard. To clean it, disconnect the vent from the back of the machine and use a dryer vent brush to remove lint. Outside your house, remove the dryer vent cover and use the brush to remove lint from the other end of the vent line. Make sure the vent cover flap moves freely! 

Test AC

Once it hits 60 degrees you can test your AC unit to make sure it works. If there is something faulty it’s better to find it early in the season before it gets too hot & everyone is calling for a repair service. 

If you found this blog post helpful & are interested in getting in contact with us, mention this blog post to get a free consultation! Contact us here.

March Floor Plan of The Month | The Dalton

For the month of March we are spotlighting our Dalton Floor Plan!

This Floor Plan features a beautiful open concept ranch. The main floor features a master off the garage entry with a full bathroom and large walk in closet.

The kitchen features a massive pantry, as well as a nice sized island. Vaulted ceilings consist throughout the kitchen, as well as the dining and living room.

A private inviting foyer that leads into the living room, and also provides access to an open stairway leading to the lower level.

If you are interested in this floor plan, want more information & want to see the full floor plan, give us a call and schedule a free consultation! We would love to see you come visit us at our in house Design Center. Visit our contact section for contact info.

Midwest Design Homes | Past Showcase/Parade Homes

Chestnut w/ Lower Level | Ruys Ct Parade

This home is located in the Combined Locks area. It features an open concept two-story with cool toned wood elements, enhancing the traditional style of the home.

Hawthorne | Applewood Parade

This home is located in the De Pere area. This floor plan displays a beautiful open concept ranch with bright white cabinets & subway tile backsplash to add a little modern farmhouse feel.

Chestnut | Andromeda Showcase

This home is located in the De Pere area and was featured in the Andromeda Showcase. With the exterior featuring darker toned brown hues, it becomes cohesive once entering the kitchen where you see the same hues of brown within the kitchen cabinets & hardwood flooring.

Beechwood w/ Lower Level | BCHBA Showcase

This home is located in the Greenville area, displaying an open concept ranch. While having a neutral color palette and modern light fixtures, this home is a mixture of traditional & modern style.

If you are wanting to see one of our homes in person, the 2021 Brown County Spring Showcase of Homes is right around the corner! In this showcase we are featuring a 4 bedroom, open concept 2,786 Sq ft ranch. It will be showing March 6-7 & 11-14 2021. If you would like more information about the event, please visit the Brown County Home Builders Association website!

February Floor Plan of The Month | The Juniper

For the month of February we are spotlighting our Juniper Floor Plan!

This Floor Plan features a beautiful open concept with 1.5 stories. The first floor features a main master suite that includes dual sinks and walk in closets. The common areas such as the living room and entrance have 18″ foyer ceilings and 14″ living room ceiling.

The gorgeous kitchen is a generous size, allowing multiple spots for storage such as a walk – in pantry.

From the kitchen, there is a back hall that leads to the laundry area, unload area including a bench with hooks, for jacket & shoe storage. This area also includes a walking closet and half bath.

An open staircase leads you upstairs to the second level that contains 3 bedrooms and a full split bathroom with to vanities.

If you are interested in this floor plan, want more information & want to see the full floor plan, give us a call and schedule a free consultation! We would love to see you come visit us at our in house Design Center. Visit our contact section for contact info.

Visit Our Virtual Home Tours

What a strange time we are all living in right now but that doesn’t mean we have to stop aspiring for our New Home goals. Midwest Design Homes wants you to know that we are doing everything we can to offer comfortable viewing of our homes & floor plans, to ensure that you know exactly what you are looking for when building a home.

Our website offers multiple virtual tours of our floor plans, this allows you to feel just as you would if we were showing you our homes in person. With easy navigation and a real-life setting, there is no better option to view a home than our virtual tours. 

Benefits of Virtual Tours

Convenience: You are able to view these whenever the time is convenient for you. Whether it’s on a weeknight after work or a Sunday afternoon, our virtual tours are available to you 24/7. 

Taking it slow: There is absolutely no rush or pressure to speed through a virtual home tour. You can take as much time as you need to view this floor plan. Taking down notes, things you like, things you don’t like, you are in charge of the time that you need to make sure this plan fits your needs. 

It’s like the real thing: It is kinda scary how realistic our 3D virtual home tours are. It really feels like you are right there walking through that home. It allows you to bring the property and home to scale when using these virtual tours. Not only does that allow the most possible interaction with the home without being there, but it gives you a sense of space and placement of your furniture in the home. 

If you think you would want to visit the virtual tour part of our website, here is a link! It is always available and updated. If after viewing our virtual home tours you want more information, have questions or would like a private showing of one of our homes we would be more than happy to help you.  Any of our New Home Consultants would love to tell you about other options we offer when viewing our homes & floor plans. We hope to hear from you soon! 

2020 End of Year Special

This year we are partnering with Barrier Security Systems! If you sign before the end of the year and start by end of January, you will receive our Custom Security Package! This is an amazing package to have in your home to not only feel safe but it also adds a great resale value! If interested please contact our sales team @920-419-8325!

How to design a home with your builder that will grow with your family.

Designing a home is a huge commitment and so is having a family, so being able to build a home that will not only grow with you as a couple but will also grow with you as a family. It might seem hard to grasp the concept of creating an entire home for only a family of two let alone a family of four. Don’t worry there are many small and big elements that you can implement into your home that can benefit you now as well as in the future. Midwest Design Homes has many floor plans that you can choose from or customize to your needs, so there is no need to feel overwhelmed, we are here to help you every step of the way. 

Number of Rooms for the future

The first thing to think about is how many rooms you want or think you will need. Obviously, a master, a guest bedroom and an office space.  A guest room can easily be turned into a nursery and an office space can also double as a playroom or a quiet space for you and your kids to go to. A great tip is to think of elements in your home that can double as something. An office room for you but also a quiet room or playroom for your future children. Our New Home Design Consultants are more than happy to help figure out exactly what you want & need for your growing family! 

Space for your family

Something else to think about when building your home is building in extra space. With kids comes lots of toys, (adorable outfits to put your even more adorable babies in), shoes, strollers, highchairs and just a lot of extra stuff. So, implementing storage areas now, will help you immensely in the future when your family is growing, and you already have the space you need to keep everyone’s things organized!  

Location of your home

Lastly, something else to consider is picking where your home is located. Picking a home where it is close to a school and also a great school district is something to keep in mind! Our Design Consultants are also very familiar with the areas we build our homes in and can answer any questions you have about the school districts. Another aspect to think of when picking the location of your home is the yard. You want a big enough yard for your kids to be able to run around, have a playset or even have a bonfire pit which is cool for you and them! We have many lots that include a large size yard where your future family can spend so many hours spending time outside together. 

Now that you have some helpful tips to think about when building your home, we would love to help you and your future family grow into a home that is specifically designed for you.  Check out our website to see the process of building a home with us,

Easy Tips to Transition your decor from Summer to Fall

The leaves are starting to change, the temperature is dropping, so it is time to change from bright sunny colors to embracing the warm, coziness of fall. Don’t worry there is no need to go all out at hobby lobby to get a whole new bucket of decorations. A simple change in color palette from brights to neutrals and adding some simple changes will help you achieve the cozy fall feeling.

Layer Textured Decor

One way to achieve this fall feeling is by layering textures. This will provide a sense of warmth in your home and achieve that cozy feeling we are all trying to acheive in our home. There is no need to go overboard, something as simple as adding a throw blanket onto your couch or leather chair will do the trick. What’s great about decor is that you can add and subtract; moving things around from one place to another gives you the freedom to design what YOU want.

Switch out Fabrics

So instead of buying brand new furniture or getting that one chair that would be great for fall. Incorporate the fabric of your accent decor, such as your pillows, throws or even rugs. Instead of cotton, switch to velvets and knits. These fabrics allow for that welcoming feeling we associate with fall. In addition, this is also an easy way to adjust your color palette from summer to fall. Switching the fabric of your pillows also gives you the chance to incorporate those fall colors!

Add Soft Light

The perfect setting for a cozy fall night always includes candles! Any kind of candle that allows that flickering of soft light will definitely create more coziness! Adding plain white candles is simple and will last you through to late fall combined with your neutral color palette. They also go great with other small decorations to make a center piece for your coffee table or dining table.

Add Soft Whites

Another plus of having a neutral color palette is that it is easy for you to transition from one season to the next. Adding elements of soft whites will allow you to transition from season to season while still having an on trend look in your home. Adding soft whites could go anywhere, dining room chairs, throws over the couch or a table runner! Anywhere you can add this neutral color will allow for other decor to pop against this soft white.

Now that you have all of these tips to transition your home from summer to fall, you will definitely have the coziest and welcoming home on the block! If you are interested to see the home featured within the photos, click on the link below to be brought to our website where this home is for sale!

7 Reasons to Buy New


Developing home in Kaukauna

New homes typically offer higher ceilings, 2x the bathroom space and up to 3x the closet and storage space! If your family is growing. Buy something you can grow in to, rather than out of!


Newly built homes are up to 30% more efficient than homes built only 10 years ago. The savings that efficiency yields is worth it.


So far in 2020, used homeowners have spent over 1 billion dollars more in home maintenance and repairs than owners of newly built homes.  


New homes are built with your lifestyle needs in mind. Let the huge backyard, porch, or outdoor fireplace be apart of your own home! 


You’re much more likely to get a home warranty through a home builder as opposed to an existing home seller. In particular our company Midwest Design Homes provides a custom care and warranty. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we do and the continued service we perform, making the customer Number One!


Many new home builders offer special financing opportunities when working with their preferred lenders. 


At Midwest Design Homes, we understand that everyone has a different lifestyle and taste; which is why we enable you to customize your home to your needs and wants!  

Now you know the benefits to buying a new home vs. a used one. If you’re interested in doing speaking with us about buying new, mention this blog post for a free consultation! We would love to help you build and customize your dream home.

5 Reasons To Buy vs. Rent

Wondering whether you should buy or rent? Here are a few reasons why buying might be a better choice for you.

1. Creative Freedom

Owning your home means you can do anything you want with the property, like paint your kids room yellow, replace the carpet with hard wood flooring or just completely remodel the kitchen to the style you love.

2. Financial Incentives

Homeowners can deduct their mortgage interest and property taxes on their tax returns each year. This savings can often make the cost of owning equal to (or often less than) renting.

3. Predictable Payments

With renting you might be subject to annual rent increases, but if you get a fixed rate on your mortgage payment, the amount of your payment can never change.

4. Forced Savings

Paying your mortgage every month is liked a forced savings account. Every month you owe less as the value in your home goes up. Making it a better investment. Rent payments go directly to your landlord and there is no investment or asset for the renter.

5. Investment Potential

Appreciation is based on your homes total value, so it can outpace the gains you might see from investing your downpayment dollars elsewhere, like the stock market.

Now that you know these five reasons why it might be better to buy new then rent, give us a call for a free consultation on a custom or semi custom home to get your questions answered!

2020 Outdoor Living Trends

When summertime rolls around, where do you spend most of your time at home? OUTDOORS! Having an outdoor living space allows you to enjoy the outdoors but also feel comfortable right outside of your home. In 2020 outdoor living reflects the same expectations you have for your home interior. Comforting, cozy and stylish. The latest trends of outdoor living include these four as well as outdoor furniture, string lights, and decorative plants are just some simples ways you can make your backyard stylish but also comfortable!

1. Warm outdoor accents

Many retailers are using warm tones within their 2020 outdoor accessories, whether that pop of color comes from decorative lighting, outdoor rugs and outdoor furniture, it can be anywhere! Some of these warm toned colors include yellow, orange, green, and pink. Even though outdoor living spaces are for relaxing and kicking your feet up, a little brightness of color never hurt anyone! 

2. Aluminum Railings

Now when designing your backyard or outdoor area, the railings of your deck are not what first comes to mind when designing that area. But if you think about it they are actually one of the first things you see when walking onto your deck or from below it. An aluminum railing painted with a black finish caters to many styles like farmhouse, or modern. In addition to the overall look of aluminum railings, they are very durable and low maintenance, which is a plus! 

3. Biophilic Design

Now I know wat you’re thinking, what kind of fancy word is this. Trust me, it’s really not that fancy and can add more dimension to your outdoor living space. All this really means is integrating a purposeful inclusion of nature, not simply relying on being outside to decorate within your yard. An example of Biophilic design would be integrating a trellis fence, decorative plants or a deck made from natural wood and wood looking finishes that will work well with your outdoor spaces and its surroundings. 

4. Unique Outdoor Lighting

Not only do these string lights make your outdoor area super inviting and honestly super cute, they also allow better lighting for all your outdoor activities! Whether its grilling, sitting by the fire making smores or playing outdoor games. It is the perfect way to make your outdoor living look inviting as well as illuminating the area!  

Now that you’ve learned the latest 2020 trends for your outdoor living area, you can design the most stylish and comfortable outdoor area in the neighborhood! Contact Midwest Design Homes today for a free consultation to implement all of these awesome 2020 outdoor trends into your new custom home!

Are you ready for summer?

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Now through June 30th build your dream home with us and receive up to $3,000 dollars towards your lawn!

 At Midwest Design Homes, our Mission is to be the “Builder of Choice” for the finest custom and semi-custom homes in Northeast Wisconsin (Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh).  For more than 30 years, we have been providing our clientele with innovative home design, united with great value. 
 Make us your Builder of Choice or Purchase one of our ready to move in Homes by 6/30/2020 and receive up to $3,000 towards a Lawn!  Call us today to schedule an appointment with our Design Team and get your Dream Home started.  WE CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU! 

Gallery of Homes Event

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Join us from May 16th to May 29th for our Gallery of Homes Event! 

For our event this year, we are doing things a bit different with these three great options that will still allow you to see these beautiful homes. 

       ~ Live FaceTime Videos 

       ~ Virtual tours/Vidoes 

       ~ Self-Guided on–site tours of our available homes 

If you have any questions, please email Also, if you would like a digital gallery book with all the home info and floor plans please email the address above. Once you have looked at our gallery book and have chosen how you would like to see the homes from our three options, we will help you accordingly! 

Stay safe and stay healthy! 

Focus on Energy with MDH

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Reduce energy waste in your home and save money, with Midwest Design Homes!

Looking to save energy and money and don’t know where to start? 

Let us help you in the right direction. 

Midwest Design Homes is the best place to begin if you’re looking for top home comfort and maximum savings. When working with us you’ll receive a full energy assessment, to ensure your home is as efficient as it can be. 

Thinking of building a New Home?

Consider working with MDH a certified Focus on Energy Builder to do just that. Focus on Energy new homes are built to be anywhere from 15% – 100% more efficient than homes that just barley built to code. Not only can you have monthly savings on your utility bills and have a more comfortable home, you can also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Focus Energy homes often result in a higher resale value. 

Click here to learn more about building with MDH, a certified Focus on Energy Builder. 

For more information click here for Focus on Energy’s new home site!


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Ten things to escape the boredom of being stuck inside your home. We hope these ten things keep you entertained and help you reach out to a friend or take some time for yourself that you didn’t have before. 

  1. Complete a puzzle: The more pieces the better!
  2. Start to journal: Express what you are feeling through words!
  3. Watch: one of those really long movies that you have been avoiding.
  4. Self-Care: Treat yourself to a skin care routine you usually don’t have time for. 
  5. Write letters: to family and friends: let them know you are thinking of them. 
  6. Organize: junk drawers you have been dreading to clean. 
  7. Bake, Bake, Bake! Bake that one recipe you have been dying to try. 
  8. Coloring Books: Not just for kids! 
  9. Try: reproduce something you have seen on Pinterest.
  10. Take time to reflect: What have you accomplished in the last year? What goals are you setting for yourself in the next year? 

If you decide to do anything of these things during your time of quarantine, post about it and tag Midwest Design Homes with the hashtag #escapingboredomwithMDH