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Gallery of Homes Event

Join us from May 16th to May 29th for our Gallery of Homes Event! 

For our event this year, we are doing things a bit different with these three great options that will still allow you to see these beautiful homes. 

       ~ Live FaceTime Videos 

       ~ Virtual tours/Vidoes 

       ~ Self-Guided on–site tours of our available homes 

If you have any questions, please email Also, if you would like a digital gallery book with all the home info and floor plans please email the address above. Once you have looked at our gallery book and have chosen how you would like to see the homes from our three options, we will help you accordingly! 

Stay safe and stay healthy! 

Focus on Energy with MDH

Reduce energy waste in your home and save money, with Midwest Design Homes!

Looking to save energy and money and don’t know where to start? 

Let us help you in the right direction. 

Midwest Design Homes is the best place to begin if you’re looking for top home comfort and maximum savings. When working with us you’ll receive a full energy assessment, to ensure your home is as efficient as it can be. 

Thinking of building a New Home?

Consider working with MDH a certified Focus on Energy Builder to do just that. Focus on Energy new homes are built to be anywhere from 15% – 100% more efficient than homes that just barley built to code. Not only can you have monthly savings on your utility bills and have a more comfortable home, you can also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Focus Energy homes often result in a higher resale value. 

Click here to learn more about building with MDH, a certified Focus on Energy Builder. 

For more information click here for Focus on Energy’s new home site!


Ten things to escape the boredom of being stuck inside your home. We hope these ten things keep you entertained and help you reach out to a friend or take some time for yourself that you didn’t have before. 

  1. Complete a puzzle: The more pieces the better!
  2. Start to journal: Express what you are feeling through words!
  3. Watch: one of those really long movies that you have been avoiding.
  4. Self-Care: Treat yourself to a skin care routine you usually don’t have time for. 
  5. Write letters: to family and friends: let them know you are thinking of them. 
  6. Organize: junk drawers you have been dreading to clean. 
  7. Bake, Bake, Bake! Bake that one recipe you have been dying to try. 
  8. Coloring Books: Not just for kids! 
  9. Try: reproduce something you have seen on Pinterest.
  10. Take time to reflect: What have you accomplished in the last year? What goals are you setting for yourself in the next year? 

If you decide to do anything of these things during your time of quarantine, post about it and tag Midwest Design Homes with the hashtag #escapingboredomwithMDH